Support for Crowdfunding Project

Growing your own vegetables is like having total control of what goes to your food. You may have come-up with the idea of growing your own (at least to see whether you can keep a plant alive without forgetting watering it), but imagine how fun would it be to grow your own veggies and instead of running to the grocery store you just get your hand out in the garden or balcony and pick your own carrots? or chilies? …. Women and technology can make this happen!! that is why we are so proud of Ursula Schörverth who has designed the right software planning so you all can farm your veggies in the park, in a garden community or in the balcony!

She is currently crow founding to get hands-on with this project, so if you are looking for a project to invest and support women entrepreneurs then this is an opportunity! Check-it up here 👇

More about this mompreneur and her garden addiction here

Text from Ada Salas, founder of Bitter Sweet Club